Would you like to bring hope into the lives of children and young people who have experienced suffering and neglect?

Set out on a fulfilling career as an integrated therapeutic foster carer.


why choose us?

Childhood First’s reputation for consistently providing innovative and high quality care in our therapeutic communities has been harnessed within integrated therapeutic fostering to provide sustainable and reparative placements for children with complex needs.

Integrated Therapeutic Fostering enables children who need therapeutic support, and are able to cope within a family setting, to experience a consistent family life, at the same time as healing the trauma of their past, supporting their recovery and helping them learn to trust and relate well to others. Integrated Therapeutic Fostering thus develops children’s capacities for socialization and improves life outcomes.

Therefore our model of Integrated Therapeutic Fostering places great emphasis upon the power of healing through consistent and healthy relationships with the adults involved in their care and through experiencing a warm and nurturing family environment. We reflect these qualities in our own relationships with our carers.

The support we provide to our foster carers is of the highest standard and quality and is not time limited. 

We offer a highly competitive financial reward and benefit package to our carers, reflecting our appreciation of their significance to the delivery of our service.


“The damage caused by relationships can most effectively be healed by relationships.”



Who we’re looking for

To join our fostering community, we are looking for individuals or families who are warm, compassionate and committed. If you have a great sense of humour, along with patience, an ability to be reflective and an interest in personal and professional development, we’d like to hear from you.

You will be provided with professional and academic training through the Institute of Integrated Systemic Therapy, accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Foster Carers will undertake our own one year Integrated Systemic Therapy Foundation Course, which has been mapped with the industry-standard Training, Skills and Development Course (TSD).

Once completed, Foster Carers may also have the opportunity to undertake the Institute’s Certificate in Integrated Systemic Therapy which will be delivered by training seminars and supported by reflective practice groups. Continual Professional Development (CPD) will be delivered by the organisation, covering a range of relevant areas. 

With our ongoing support of the highest standard and quality, we also offer you a highly competitive financial reward and benefit package in recognition of your significance to the delivery of our service.


I am delighted to learn of Childhood First’s new integrated therapeutic fostering service which aims to recruit and retain the best possible foster carers, equipped and supported to care for the most challenging and previously harmed children — a key recommendation in my independent review of children’s residential care (July 2016).
— Sir Martin Narey

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